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Keith's Garden


Keith and his family had lived in their home for many years but the time finally came when he was now living alone and finding the maintenance of the garden a real concern.

Andi and Keith took the time to sit and discuss the options which included moving house or paying a contractor to maintain the garden. Neither option would allow him the pleasure of working in his own garden when he wanted to.

Following a series of lengthy conversations and the drawing up of a design, a garden was created that would be very easy to maintain in conjunction with a planting scheme that has enough interest in it to satisfy Keith’s desire to continue gardening.


Johnathan's Garden


Johnathan takes a full and active interest in his garden at home in spite of some challenges that include limited sight.


He enjoys nothing more than sharing his garden with friends- so the brief for this garden had to include a very simple layout with a series of non-slip but attractive paths to access every part of the garden in a wheel chair.


An unusual mix of plants would stimulate all of the senses year round as well as needing to be low in maintenance.

Lodge Garden


This large country garden enjoys open views across the local landscape and as such is very exposed to the prevailing winds. Low maintenance as well as hardy plant choices were critical, so the use of wild flower meadow planting was used to create colour interest and wildlife habitat for the majority of the year.


Broad and sweeping lines take the eye around the garden with the use of specimen trees in both avenues and groups along with a mixed native planted hedge to create the boundaries.

Natural stone paving forms the main terrace with a blend of traditional material laid out in a contemporary style.


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